19 September, 2023

Art in Halland residence grantee Tove Möller

In March 2023, Art in Halland invited visual artists with connections to Halland to apply for a residency grant to Ricklundgården in Saxnäs, (September 15-28). Based on the applications received, the jury has decided that the scholarship will be awarded to Tove Möller.

Tove Möller (b. 1986) grew up in Laholm and today lives and works in Stockholm. Tove is educated at Gerlesborgsskolan in Stockholm and Kungl. Stockholm Academy of Arts.

At the same time that Tove Möller goes to Ricklundgården in Saxnäs, the artist Helena Wikström, based in Västerbotten, comes to Halland with Halmstad as her base. Host for the stay is Halland’s Art Museum and Art in Halland.

In parallel, an educational project is also underway between school classes in Halmstad, Laholm and Saxnäs.

You can read more information about this residency scholarship and our art education project here on our website shortly.

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11 September, 2023

Snow stars and sea kelp – the background

Enter and read the first blog post about our joint project with Art in Halland.

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31 August, 2023

Play in a band

Are you retired or have time to spare? Do you feel like trying to play or sing in a band but perhaps haven’t learned to play an instrument? Or maybe you once played but forgot most of it. In that case, there is now the chance to come to EMMAS without any prior knowledge and together with me Kristoffer, who is a trained music teacher, try playing together, completely unconditional. Have fun together!

The instruments available are drums, guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, piano, keyboard, ukulele and microphones for vocals. (If you own another instrument, you can of course bring it with you)).

The time is Thursdays at 10.30-11.30 after coffee.

There are a limited number of places and instruments, so register your interest before 11/9 with your name and instrument preference to:

Write “Band testing” in the subject column!


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25 August, 2023


It´s time to start our OPEN THURSDAYs again, we offer brunch and we’ll start a bit calmly with a music quiz!

Come join us! Bring a friend or an acquaintance who hasn’t been here before, maybe you know someone who needs context or wants more community?

Start: at 09.30

Location: EMMAS

Warm welcome!

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24 August, 2023

Okay dear friends, you know…Rome was not built in a day

On our meadow slope, it wasn’t beautiful either when we stopped mowing it with lawnmowers the first (or second) summer. Nah. It wasn’t pretty. Initially. But! Now, now!! Now it is as beautiful as a beaten flower meadow can be! First it gave us a lot of joy there in June; bubbling life and buzzing and humming. With the help of the Nature Conservation Association, we learned about new species and we learned how the raccoon’s good nature is recovering. Then it was beautiful with daisies and flowers throughout July, so beautiful.

Now the grass is cut in the old-fashioned way with a scythe and hemmed according to all the rules of the art.

We will continue with this method and we are SO proud that we decided (despite two summers of less than perfect slope) to return to the only right thing in this otherwise culturally historic environment.

Thank you Nils for wanting to work with us and help us help nature on the trot! For us, it’s no secret that you’re a rock, but for those who read this and don’t know or know you, it doesn’t hurt to mention!

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24 August, 2023

Thank you Jan Jaap Kuiper

Thank you so much Jan Jaap Kuiper for inviting us to the open studio and showing us and all the visitors your work.

Interesting to hear more about the story behind “Orgone Accumulator” but also to hear you talk about how you explored the spirit of Burroughs by recreating methods he often mentions in his texts.

Another eventful and rewarding day in Saxnäs. A not quite ordinary Tuesday evening in Folkes Ateljé!

Many thanks!

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16 August, 2023

Orgone accumulator at Ricklundgården

On Tuesday, August 22 at 6:30 p.m you are cordially invited to charge yourself with this life-energy in the Orgone Accumulator that Jan Jaap Kuiper has built in the Folke studio at Ricklundgården.

Orgone is a mystical universal life force dreamed up by pseudo-scientist Wilhelm Reich in the 1930’s. It’s a cosmic energy that forms a blueish sphere around the earth, charging all of nature. To charge oneself with this energy Reich developed the Orgone Accumulator – a wooden structure resembling an outhouse, lined with layers of organic material and metal, that captures the orgone radiation and feeds it to the human within.

Jan Jaap Kuiper is a Dutch filmmaker working on a film based on the “cut up trilogy” by William Burroughs. Orgone Accumulator is the second part in his series of installations to explore the spirit of Burroughs by reenacting practices he frequently mentions in his texts.

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7 August, 2023

Hope everyone have had a great summer so far!

Parts of the staff are now back at work and from today we have more or less our regular operations again.

Planning and hustle and bustle at EMMAS starts, the museum’s summer opening is over and we look ahead to what is to come.

Welcome to visit us at the office at EMMAS (opposite the store) Monday-Thursday 8am-3pm. As long as the door is open and we are not out on a mission, you are free to come and visit!

If you are considering guided tours, it is of course possible to book at least 24 hours in advance to: Then the days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday apply unless otherwise agreed.

For those of you who still have the opportunity to take time off; keep your hat on, put on your rain gear and enjoy the rest of your holiday. To you who, just like us, have started working again; try to enjoy and take advantage of the days anyway, summer is not over!

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4 July, 2023

Parts of the crew at Ricklundgården/EMMAS have now gone on vacation.

• The museum’s opening hours and information on how to book a guided tour this summer, as well as where to contact staff on site, can be found here on our website; contact/opening hours

• During the summer we can only be reached via email, the phone also has some time off

• The staff is at full capacity again on August 14.

Until then, we hope you all have a really nice summer!

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29 June, 2023


The band with the name of the village that lies so nicely at a crossroads 6o km from Vilhelmina. In Stalon there is the gas station that many of us have loved and still love. There is the shop where you can find the most amazing, useful stuff and Stalon is the place where you can choose to go to either Vojmådalen or Kultsjödalen.

• On Saturday at 9 p.m., this Vilhelmina band plays at Saxnäsgården. Free entrance.

For all those interested in culture and not least those interested in music, this is a unique and rare chance to experience the band live at home!

• On the occasion of #saxnäs200år, Stalon is also releasing the single “Vinevardo” today. Available where music is simply – in and listen!

• A small note in this happy news is that the man on the far right of the picture is called Kristoffer and he is EMMA’s new art teacher. But a more extensive presentation about him will come in a later post.

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6 June, 2023

The museum opens its doors for the summer

Good morning!

June 6 today and the garden and everything that goes with it is slowly waking up from its winter rest. It’s still cold, but those who are waiting for a little barefoot ground or bathing temperature are still waiting after all.

• Monday 26 June at 10-15 the museum opens its doors for the summer. Just that day is an excellent day to visit us as we have free entry to the museum, scenic activity together with the Nature Conservation Association, “open studio” and coffee sales.

• Inquiries about out-of-season guided tours or our regular summer opening hours are sent to our email;

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29 March, 2023

Our last waffle Thursdays this winter

Now tomorrow we will “finish” our waffle Thursdays, for this winter, with a thunderous quiz. A quiz where the questions are partly based on history and the name Brita/Birgitta recurs.

Not only that, at 10 am we will be visited by some students from the school here in Saxnäs who will show a film they have made!

Of course, the waffle iron heats up and the coffee pot is charged.

This also means that we are now taking a break even with the creative workshop which is after school hours. So tomorrow, Thursday March 30, will also be the last Thursday open for children.

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1 March, 2023

Application for residential accommodation opens today!

• Then it was time to plan for new residency stays. This time, you can apply from 1 October 2023 to 30 September 2024, MARK your application with: Residence 23/24.

• Before you fill in the application form, please read our regulations carefully which can be found under “ART IN RESIDENCE” < APPLICATION. The application is sent digitally as a PDF, BEFORE March 31, 2023 to our email: Answers to all artists will be sent out during the latter part of May. • Final decision is made in communication with artist and business (in good time) before expected arrival. • A warm welcome with your application!

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15 February, 2023

Fantastic theater at EMMAS

Last week’s highlight was this fantastic theater that was with us in Saxnäs at EMMAS.

~ Strongest hearts have the most scars ~ The story of a woman from a roadless country who walked her own path instead of getting lost in the footsteps of others. Produced by Musikteatern and with a fantastic artistic team consisting of Harleen Kalkat and Magnus Karlsson.

We pushed the boundaries of what can be considered “comfortable seating” for everyone and anyone who made up the audience, and as we say in Sweden but if there is room for the heart, there is room for the bottom and it does when we arrange something! ♥️ These words may become Ricklundgården and EMMA’s “contribution” to Valentine’s Day. With hope for a more inclusive, accepting and inviting world!

This theater was a collaboration with Riksteatern in Vilhelmina!

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15 February, 2023

Book release at Scalateatern

On February 1, Ricklundgården was invited to Stockholm and @matsthepoet book release at Scalateatern. The title is ~Härlig er Jorden~ which was about how a writing process can go and about how the mountains and landscapes have changed just over a few decades.

Included in the book are several people from Kultsjödalen,@ellakariskum, @anderswesslanwestlin and his mother Gunilla Westlin and Göran Eriksson.

This evening I (Tina) was a “stand-in” for @hedewa, who also frequently appears with many stories in the book.

A nice evening and full of honor that we were three friends from Kultsjödalen who got the chance and the opportunity to talk about our home region which is so nicely described in Mat’s book.

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6 December, 2022

Save the date, Tuesday, December 20!

Then it’s Open House at Ricklundgården at 16-20.

@mattias_andersson_art will invite you to Folke’s studio, mulled wine and other goodies will be available for a cheap penny (swish only) and during the evening you can participate in a quiz where we will draw a very nice prize to the person with the most right answers.

• More information about this will be available shortly both here on the website, Instagram, Facebook and of course on the notice board in the village.

• All warmly welcome! 🕯

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21 November, 2022

Artist talk by Peter Österlin

Welcome to us now on Thursday 24 November to listen to an Artist talk by Peter Österlin at 10.30-12.00 

“In art I have often been interested in existential questions such as the collective, ideas of independence or death and life. I have always loved when I found a physical place or a

abstract figure that invited and in some cases could also be exhibited.”

Peter thought to talk a little about how his entry into art might be, partly by telling about a previous work but also one that he started here in Saxnäs.

In a book circle with his mother, they have read her childhood books and in conversation searched for things that never happened, and he is now physically in the spot where the books take place, in Marsfjällen.

As usual, we offer coffee with snacks.

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17 November, 2022

Check here!!

Our magnificent program during this year’s edition of Saxnäs Christmas Market.

In proud collaboration with @klimpfjallsalpina & @generationsnowboard and not least the fantastic Nils Åslund who has fought and will continue to fight with the exhibition right up until Christmas market morning.

A warm WELCOME to EMMAS on Saturday.

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10 November, 2022

Superb exhibition here next Saturday.


When the Christmas market is over at four o’clock in the afternoon, we are guested at EMMAS by Anton Bergsten who sings and plays!

It will be a lovely Christmas market day here in Saxnäs, 19/11.

See you!

Please spread the word!

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27 October, 2022

EMMAS in Vilhelmina

So yesterday it was time for us to take EMMAS to Vilhelmina, and all said and done we steered towards our partners at @wilhelmina_fritidsgard

Once there, 7 expectant and lovely children were waiting. But for anyone who has ever created something truly brilliant, knows that it doesn’t happen on an empty stomach so the first thing we did was get some food before the big mission.

Satisfied and recharged, we went to a well-selected location and there began an intense and concentrated teamwork that resulted in a fantastic three-dimensional creation – the children’s own works of art!

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20 October, 2022

-Look here-

We have moved this time to a little later on Thursdays, namely to 10.30-12.00.


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19 October, 2022

Our waffle Wednesdays ends

Thanks to all of you who visited us on Wednesdays and ate waffles. It has been a real pleasure!

It is said that you have to finish on top, so now our Waffle Wednesdays ends in favor of new ideas.

Keep an eye out here, or on our instagram or Facebook page where we announce what is happening at EMMAS.

Have a great day!

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14 October, 2022

Yesterday at EMMAS:

Artist talk by Jan Philip Scheibe ⭐️

Thanks to both young and old who participated yesterday. Being able to fill our gathering space one morning in the middle of the week where the activity is about artistry and professional art – it feels more than nice!

Jan Philip gave an interesting, thought provoking, historical and at times brilliant comic presentation yesterday, and for that we are so grateful!

Many thanks Jan Philip Scheibe 🧡

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10 October, 2022

Artist Talk Jan Philip Scheibe

Welcome to us now on Thursday 13 October to listen to an Artist talk by Jan Philip Scheibe between 9.30 and 10.15.

Jan Philip Scheibe is a Hamburg (GER) based performance & lighting artist with a focus on walking performances that reflect our relationship with the landscape.

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30 September, 2022

Comfort mice, a cup of coffee and talk about high and low!

You are welcome to join us on Thursdays

at 09-11!

We meet, tinker and learn from each other! 😃

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30 September, 2022

Fantastic, fun and well-filled working days

are now over. We have had Art in Halland visiting, Region Halland and Västerbotten’s Art consultant from MAN Skellefteå here with us at Ricklundgården and EMMAS for three days. We have talked about future collaborations and Art Education as well as residency activities. Boy, so many plans have been hatched! 🙌🏼

I especially want to thank everyone who in one way or another participated in making these days so nice & valuable!

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20 September, 2022

Thursday open at EMMAS

Every Thursday between 9.00-11.00 we are open at EMMAS for everyone.

Drop by our place to do some crafts and have coffee together for a while.

See you!

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20 September, 2022

Waffles on EMMAS

Every Wednesday at EMMAS for just about anyone who wants to.

Between the hours of 13.30 -15.00

Free and lactose-free

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6 September, 2022

EMMAS is now open in the evening!

EMMAS open in the evening!

• From Wednesday this week, from 14-20, we are open for children and young people!

Come and hang out with us at EMMAS, listen to music, be creative in any field, chat with your friends or just be!

• This will be our first evening open day and until further notice these times will continue every Wednesday until further notice.

• If you have any questions or concerns about EMMAS, send an email to:

• See you on Wednesday!

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18 August, 2022

Proudly presenting, Jonas Sjösted

Jonas has a two-year high school education.

At Ricklundgården in Saxnäs, Jonas has made the final changes to a crime novel that will be published in October. There has also been time to think out characters and plots in Jonas’s next book, which he will write this winter.

“- Maybe some part of that story will take place in this area.”

• “- It has been fantastic to be here, such a nice place! The mountain environment, the calm and the nature provide peace of mind and fanatical conditions for creation.”

• We thank Jonas for the visit and wish him the best of luck with the new book!

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17 August, 2022

Hey, hey!

Now there are quieter times in our valley and so also with visitors traveling through.

The last day with drop-in in the museum for this summer is tomorrow THURSDAY (12-3pm), with reserved for guided tours in the morning 10-11.30 if you like to book a tour send a email to: ~ but of course we accept requests for guided tours throughout the year as well!

• We thank you for this season and can happily state that it has been a very nice one with interested and happy visitors from near and far! ♥️

• For bookings or inquiries of other kinds, send an email to:

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16 August, 2022

Proudly presenting, Unna Nafre Hvid

Unna has a master’s degree in history and Nordic languages ​​and culture.

• “- I am a author. At Ricklundgården I have written a story inspired by the nature, history and folklore of the Saxnäs area. Now I am in the process of making watercolor illustrations for the story.

The story will be called “Wildland”, and is the 4th volume in a series of Nordic stories”.

• How has the experience been for you here at Ricklundgården?

“- It has been a fantastic experience, for which I am very grateful. The nature was breathtaking, and Rebecka from the Ricklundgården museum took me on some exciting experiences to Fatmomakke, Marsliden and Stekenjokk. It made the stay extra enriching. The silence in nature also did me good”.

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10 August, 2022

Proudly presenting, Sandra Leandersson

• Sandra has a bachelor’s degree with a specialization in textiles from Konstfack.

• The techniques that she mainly worked with during her time in Saxnäs are hand embroidery and textile collages in the form of paintings.

“- At Ricklundgården I started working on a series of paintings with just textile collage and embroidery. Something I will continue to work on during the autumn. There will be ten pieces and each one is a section of the place around Ricklundgården. An interpretation through my eyes”.

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9 August, 2022

Proudly presenting, Ida Isak Westerberg

Ida Isak has a degree in hand weaving and art sewing from Handarbetets vänner.

•During the time at Ricklundgården, Ida Isak has been looking for different sides in herself;

“- Sides I haven’t found before, in history, in the ground, in the views and the body. I’ve tried techniques I haven’t used, sun-dyed with plants from specific places and woven with things I found. I have explored new expressions, what rests and what can emerge when I give it time and space.”

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9 July, 2022

Summer & Vacation Times!

This does not mean that it is holiday quiet in our studios or in the museum, but it does mean that fantastic Rebecka is guideing! She is a ray of sunshine and a fantastic narrator.

To book guided tours or get in touch with the museum this summer, send an Email to:

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18 June, 2022

Proudly presents Emma Sandström

She has studied at Glasgow School of Art and HDK-Valand Art Academy.

• Emma works with photographic and sculptural installations and video. Her artistic work explores collective and personal stories based on archeology, history, symbolism and place.

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9 June, 2022

Summer opening hours

The museum opens for guided tours and Drop-in this summer.

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8 June, 2022

Proudly presents Anna Höggren

Anna has studied glassblowing in Orrefors and has an artistic education R.Steiner seminar in Järna and studies information science in Örebro.

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7 June, 2022

The inauguration of EMMAS part 3

Cut ribbons, drink coffee and eat cake and make your own cloth bags. Try to be a little creative, gather, talk, eat and be at a party!

Thanks to everyone who participated, thanks to Nina who cut the ribbon and represented Region Västerbotten. Many thanks to Malin, Hilda and Christer (one heart was to you)!

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4 June, 2022

The inauguration of EMMAS part 2

Balloons to blow!

Show and use their self-designed t-shirts (notice the pride and joy in the girls’ eyes).

Cakes to be eaten and of course there should be time and space for hugs.

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2 June, 2022

The first day in world history

The first day in world history with Art Pedagogy at EMMAS for our main target group; children & young!

We have sneaked in the inauguration today with some creative fun!

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25 May, 2022

Let us present Camilla

brain AND heart behind the transformation of our spaces at EMMAS

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23 May, 2022

Visit from SVT

For two days in March, we received long-distance visits from Lund and Umeå. It was Ann-Marie and Peter who were here to film and document from SVT.

• For the curious, there is the episode about Ricklundgården to watch on SVT Play, the program is called Sweden! and the episode is from Friday, May 20th.

• We wish you a fantastic Monday and can tell you that today the sun is shining in Saxnäs – it is finally real spring

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19 May, 2022

EMMAS Art Pedagogical Workshop is now opening in Saxnäs

You are most welcome to participate in our festivities!

You may be wondering why F.d. Rävlyan has now changed its name to EMMAS, and what happens here? EMMAS has of course taken its name from our fantastic artist Emma Ricklund.

EMMA’s workshop is mainly for children and young people in Vilhelmina municipality, but also adults and pensioners will be offered activities.

During the day when we are at work, anyone is welcome to look in, we will just be happy about that!

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17 May, 2022


Our analog lab at EMMAS is ready! Here we can develop photos and work with light-sensitive chemicals. We now have the opportunity to work with various different photographic techniques and one of these can be, among other things, cyanotype. In the future, we will also be able to illuminate frames for screen printing.

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15 May, 2022

Proudly presents

Patricia Roda’s from Tölby, 15 km south of Vaasa Finland, Ilar Gunilla Persson, now living in Bagarmossen outside Stockholm (but originally from Dalarna) and Anna-Karin Jansson who lives in Stockholm, Bagarmossen.

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12 May, 2022


Just peeking in to say hello but also to ask everyone curious, interested or engaged or to anyone and everyone to “hold open” June 2 & 3. Because then we thought to inaugurate this colorful place and our art education workshop EMMAS!

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11 May, 2022


Many THANKS to all of you from the four of us ♥ ️ It went well. Thanks to everyone who came to listen, talk, ask and hear.

To be informed about what EMMAS is and what we do and in which direction we want, it is both fun and important.

From Christer, Hilda, Malin and Tina!

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11 May, 2022

What EMMAS really is?

Maybe you have wondered what EMMAS really is? For whom is this for? How will it work? And can you, as a general curiosity, just look in and visit?

EMMAS is the name of our art education workshop. EMMAS is also the name of our premises which is in Saxnäs, below the school and opposite the store.

EMMAS offers all primary school children in the ENTIRE VILHELMINA MUNICIPALITY a professional art pedagogical approach, ie. Art + pedagogy in harmony with other activities in the schools.

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6 April, 2022

Beautiful! 😍

Also beautiful to see all these residency applications that have come in to us! 🙂
We thank you so humbly for that!
Everyone will be contacted after the board’s annual meeting in May about whether the applications will be accepted or not.

Many thanks to all the wonderful artists – you are fantastic ♥ ️

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4 April, 2022

Hello and fun with Monday again!

Our work phone is out of order! We do not know at the moment when it works again but we ask you to communicate with us via e-mail.

We wish you a nice day and of course it’s great that we have entered the spring month of April! 🌷

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1 April, 2022

Thanks to every single one who sent in their residency applications to us

it’s heart warming to see your texts and your signatures ♥ ️

Will be a wonderful year in the sign of art!

It is a very beautiful morning here in Saxnäs. It is Friday. In an hour the sun will start to warmth and the wind it has taken a break. Welcome beautiful weekend! We are taking the weekend off now but we are back on Monday, BUT !!!
👉🏼IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO SEND IN YOUR APPLICATION FOR RESIDENCE. In other words; it is possible to submit your residence application until Monday. Mark your application with “residence 22/23”.

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29 March, 2022

The application for the coming residency period is in progress RIGHT NOW!

For more information about how to apply, click on “Art in residence” Read more

17 March, 2022

When the days are longer than the nights.

Then you have time for a lot of things. In the first picture you see my colleagues, from the right; Hilda, Christer and Malin. Which means, all positions at EMMAS are now filled and we have had our first real working week together.

In addition to this, we have had a long-awaited visit from @man_konstmuseet from Skellefteå.

SVT has also been here for a few days and worked.

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28 February, 2022

The application for residence accommodation opens on March 1

It is time to plan for new residencies. This time, you apply from 1 September 2022 to 31 August 2023 MARK your application with: Residence 22/23. Before you fill in the application form, read our regulations carefully. Click on our page Application to find the application form and our regulations.

Send your application digitally as a PDF BEFORE March 31, 2022 to our email:

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12 January, 2022


Yes, that’s the name of our art education project that starts on February 1 ♥ ️

We know with us that the posts have been a bit sparse lately, but that does not mean that things haven´t been happening. We are very happy and proud to finally tell you all that Saxnäs will have its own creative workshop.

“Culture and art are for everyone and this time it is for the children and young people in our vast inland municipality!”

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12 January, 2022

Press release

Things are happening!
In the middle of the snowstorm’s eye, we have news we want to share with you …
Now there will be an art pedagogical workshop in Saxnäs!

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22 November, 2021

The Christmas market is over for this time.

Ett stort tack till alla som besökte oss i lördagskväll, många nyfikna människor från när och fjärran och extra kul med alla Kultsjödalsbor som hälsade på! Det värmer våra hjärtan att huset fylls av barn, barnbarn, mammor och pappor och en och annan mormor, morfar eller farmor. Vi är så glada att kvällen fick bli ett minne som vi kan dela med många, konst och kultur är ju trots allt verkligen för alla♥️

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1 November, 2021

Proudly presents, Amanda Berglund

31 years old originally from Orsa in Dalarna but now living in Malmö. Has studied at Helliden Folkhögskola, östra Grevie folkhögskola and Konstfack. Amanda is a graphic illustrator, designer and visual artist.

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18 October, 2021

Among the most delightful things!

Introducing children to artists and art and artists to children.

Today we had the pleasure of having 3 classes from Saxnäs school visiting us. Talk, look, discover, see, feel and pitter-patter up stairs. For many children, Ricklundgården is like a labyrinth that just has to be discovered!

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28 September, 2021

Proudly presents, Sofie Karlsson

Sofie Karlsson, born 1990 in Halmstad. Lives and works today in Gothenburg.

Sofie has a bachelor’s degree from HDK-Valand, University of Gothenburg in Textile Art from 2019. Previous educations from Gamleby, Löftadalen and Östra Grevie folk high schools, all with different textile specializations in arts, crafts, pattern construction and design.

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15 September, 2021

Proudly presents the artist Lotta Enbrand

Lotta Enbrand, 49 years old living in Uppsala. She spent 2 years at Kyrkerud community high school, 1 year at Uppsala art school for Stina Wollter, after that 2 years at photo technical education and 1 year Speos photography school in Paris.

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15 September, 2021

The inauguration of Sara Cultural Centre

From my visit last week during the inauguration of Sara Cultural Centre, I have fond memories stored under my skin, close to my heart. I think of the activities inside the walls of the wooden house, I think of the people, who with commitment and a lot of will and love, work to present art and meet people on equal terms. I think of the heat, the conversations, the air hugs and everything that meant a lot between the lines.

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15 September, 2021

Visit from Edelviks community college

As you may understand, there are good days and there are good days. Yesterday was a very good day because Ricklundgården got a nice visit from @edelvik_konst again!

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7 September, 2021

A crisp and nice Thursday!

This windy but cool and nice Thursday we were visited by Kajsa Ravin, Director General of the Swedish Arts Council and her colleague Margareta Brilioth. With them were also Joakim Sandberg, Regional Culture Manager in Västerbotten and as representatives from our beautiful municipality participated KSO Annika Andersson and Finance Manager Niklas Vilhelmsson.

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7 September, 2021

I would like to share something with you…

Lately, I have repeatedly heard how much this place means to the experience and the feeling in the context. I agree and I agree so sincerely. What I want to draw attention to now is also how much the individual means to reinforce all that this place stands for.

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30 August, 2021

Summer season is over

Like the flowers of the fireweed we are now also done blooming for this summer season.

We thank you for all the fantastic visits we have had and we humbly thank you for the respect everyone showed for each other when staying inside the museum’s walls. This summer we will be remembered as warm winds, filled with laughter and curious questions and as a summer when no distance was too far.

♥ ️

Of course, it is still possible to book guided tours and the easiest way to find information about it is to read more by clicking on Contact here on our website

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30 August, 2021

Presents Helena Backmark

Presents Helena Backmark now living in Vårgårda. Helena has studied 5 years of graphics and 2 years of general art.

Helena likes to try different water-based techniques and to find a language to express herself in.

– Nature is a great source of inspiration, I love the colors outdoors, she says.

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30 August, 2021

Proudly presents Per Fritz and Gunvi Bengtsson.

Per and Gunvi have been together for 44 years and this is their second visit together in Kultsjödalen.

– The first time we where here was in 1977 but we were not resident artists at Ricklundgården that time, we where just tourists in the area. The place is extremely important, I want to be open to the place and explore a bit to see if it is possible to reach old memories, says Gunvi.

– “You never descend into the same river twice”, says Gunvi Bengtsson.

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16 August, 2021

Change in opening hours

Wednesday 18/8 and Saturday 28/8 Ricklundgården and the museum are closed.

The last day for drop-in this summer is therefore Friday 27/8 between kl. 12-15 so take the opportunity to visit us then!

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23 June, 2021

Proudly presents Elin Anna Labba and Pia Sjögren

Proudly presents Elin Anna Labba, author, and Pia Sjögren, journalist.

Elin Anna has written her first novel and Pia has written essays. They have been here together for two sunny, rainy, windless, windy and evergreen June weeks.

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9 June, 2021

Art in Halland scholarship holder Sofie Karlsson

The jury’s motivation reads: “We believe Sofie Karlsson will have good opportunities to work concentrated, deepen her material knowledge and gather ideas as a residence fellow at Ricklundgården. Sofie comes to the mountains in Saxnäs during a period when nature explodes in colors and is visually dramatic. With her interest in nature’s shifts in color, shape and structure, we are convinced that the place will really add new perspectives to her art. ”

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9 June, 2021

Summer opening hours

The museum will be open for guided tours and Drop-in this summer.

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28 May, 2021

Visit by Sara from Sápmi Salasta

It is impossible to describe in words how this whole week has been so I have decided not to do it! Instead, I will tell you about yesterday when we finally got a visit from Sara!

Sara works as a project manager for @sapmisalasta and earlier last winter when we talked, we had many great ideas and thoughts about possible cooperation across the mountain border.

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23 April, 2021

Proundly presents, Moa Gustafsson Söndergaard

Moa Gustafsson Söndergaard, 29 year old artist living in Malmö but originally from Gävle.
She has studied at Akademi Valand in Gothenburg and at Umeå Art Academy.

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12 April, 2021

Exciting people who lives an exciting life.

We at Ricklundgården have the privilege of being visited by exciting people who have lived an exciting life, made incredible trips and created art all over the world.
Last Sunday we said goodbye to Kakan Hermansson and Klas Hasselrot who had been visiting us.

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4 March, 2021

Meet our other employee Andréas Brännström.

Meet our other employee Andréas Brännström.

Andréas grew up in Skellefteå but now lives in Gammelstad outside Luleå, he is a trained artist, musician and has a fondness for local history.

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25 February, 2021

The application for residence opens on 1 March

Then it was time to plan for new residencies. This round, you apply from 1 September 2021 to 31 August 2022. MARK your application with: Residence 21/22. Before you fill in the application form, carefully read our regulations which are available on our website under “ART IN RESIDENCE” Read more

16 February, 2021

Proudly presents Ann-Kristin Källström

Ann-Kristin Källström, now living outside Kramfors with a graphic workshop in Härnösand. Educated at an art school in Stockholm, Riddarfjärdsskolan, and trained in photography and photojournalism. Ann-Kristin works with graphics and is very photo-based.

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1 December, 2020


It is a small step for humanity perhaps, people have been building websites for many years now but this launch is for us a BIG event.

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25 November, 2020

Stricter guidelines

Due to this, we are closing our museum for the time being, which also means that we will not accept booked tours.

Hold out everyone!


Stricter guidelines for you in Västerbotten

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25 November, 2020

Hilda Lindström a graphic artis

Proudly presents Hilda Lindström, artist and graphic artist from Falun. Hilda has studied free art for 6 years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Poland. In addition, she has studied sound interaction and photographic history at Konstfack.

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29 October, 2020

Welcome November

So October 2020 is almost over and it is time to turn a page in the calendar and welcome November.

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27 October, 2020

Proudly presents Kerstin Lindström

Proudly presents, Kerstin Lindström. Artist who works conceptually with objects and installations.

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13 October, 2020

Region Västerbotten

Last Monday we went to the coast, Skellefteå was our destination and later on Umeå. We had planned meetings with operations managers for MAN, an art educator and art consultants for the Västerbotten Region.

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22 September, 2020

Artist Susanne Vollmer in Folkeateljén

Proudly presents, artist Susanne Vollmer. It is Susanne first time in Saxnäs, she has been awarded a scholarship from Konst in Halland.

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27 August, 2020

Autumn at Ricklungården

We started by welcoming Region Västerbotten’s development administration to their autumn boarding

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