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12 January, 2022

Art education workshop

Professional art education workshop in Saxnäs!

We will collaborate with the municipality’s schools so that students can use our art pedagogical approach. Arrange activities that aim to inspire and activate children, locals and other interested parties. We must make it clear that there are other alternatives to leisure activities and we of course welcome everyone. EMMAS is a 2-year project funded by Postkodsstiftelsen.

On 22 December, an agreement was signed between Ricklundgården and Postkodsstiftelsen on a project that will start up in Saxnäs on 1 February 2022. Ricklundgården is the owner of the EMMAS project and has been granted SEK 2.2 million.

From the first time I stepped through the door, a freezing winter 2019, into the picturesque office in the green building up on the hill at Ricklundgården, I have felt that there is a lot of potential here! It is no secret that we fulfill an important purpose for artists, nationally and internationally, but here is the opportunity to do so much more, for so many more! ”

– Tina Larsson, operations manager Ricklundgården

Despite, or perhaps thanks to Ricklundgården’s geographical location, our business is widely known and historically embeded in the cultural world. It would be a shame not to take advantage of the cultural treasure that it is by letting more people take part in it. During this project, it will be the children who are in focus.

We will cooperate with the municipality’s schools and in this way let the children take part in ours art pedagogical approaches. This co-operation is of great importance, it means that private or financial conditions do not determine whether the children can participate or not.

With that said, of course EVERYONE is welcome to visit, participate or in other ways take part in the content of our project EMMAS.

It benefits society that residents have access to cultural in different forms and are offered equivalents opportunities to create and practice culture, and have the conditions to influence, take part and participate in society. Not least from a young age. We are therefore incredibly proud to support the Emma Ricklund Foundation, which wants to open up this opportunity for children and young people in Vilhelmina. ”

– Marie Dahllöf, Secretary General of the Swedish Postal Code Foundation

Culture and art are for everyone and this time it is for the children and young people in our vast inland municipaliti! ”

– Tina Larsson

About Ricklundgården

Ricklundgården was created by the couple Emma and Folke Ricklund in the late 40’s. Together they built their dream villa up on a hill in the middle of the mountain village Saxnäs. Today, Ricklundgården is a museum and art residence.

Artists from all over the world come here, all year round, to soak up nature and create art in the two studios.



Yes, that’s the name of our art education project that starts on February 1 ♥ ️

We know with us that the posts have been a bit sparse lately, but that does not mean that things haven´t been happening. We are very happy and proud to finally tell you all that Saxnäs will have its own creative workshop.

“Culture and art are for everyone and this time it is for the children and young people in our vast inland municipality!”

The Christmas market is over for this time.

The Christmas market is over for this time.

Ett stort tack till alla som besökte oss i lördagskväll, många nyfikna människor från när och fjärran och extra kul med alla Kultsjödalsbor som hälsade på! Det värmer våra hjärtan att huset fylls av barn, barnbarn, mammor och pappor och en och annan mormor, morfar eller farmor. Vi är så glada att kvällen fick bli ett minne som vi kan dela med många, konst och kultur är ju trots allt verkligen för alla♥️

Proudly presents, Amanda Berglund

Proudly presents, Amanda Berglund

31 years old originally from Orsa in Dalarna but now living in Malmö. Has studied at Helliden Folkhögskola, östra Grevie folkhögskola and Konstfack. Amanda is a graphic illustrator, designer and visual artist.

Among the most delightful things!

Among the most delightful things!

Introducing children to artists and art and artists to children.

Today we had the pleasure of having 3 classes from Saxnäs school visiting us. Talk, look, discover, see, feel and pitter-patter up stairs. For many children, Ricklundgården is like a labyrinth that just has to be discovered!

Proudly presents, Sofie Karlsson

Proudly presents, Sofie Karlsson

Sofie Karlsson, born 1990 in Halmstad. Lives and works today in Gothenburg.

Sofie has a bachelor’s degree from HDK-Valand, University of Gothenburg in Textile Art from 2019. Previous educations from Gamleby, Löftadalen and Östra Grevie folk high schools, all with different textile specializations in arts, crafts, pattern construction and design.

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