EMMAS Art Pedagogical Workshop is now opening in Saxnäs

19 May, 2022

EMMAS Art Pedagogical Workshop is now opening in Saxnäs☀️

You are most welcome to participate in our festivities!

You may be wondering why F.d. Rävlyan has now changed its name to EMMAS, and what happens here? EMMAS has of course taken its name from our fantastic artist Emma Ricklund.

EMMA’s workshop is mainly for children and young people in Vilhelmina municipality, but also adults and pensioners will be offered activities.

During the day when we are at work, anyone is welcome to look in, we will just be happy about that!

We want to create more opportunities for our residents to meet and work with different art forms, but also offer art and cultural activities that we normally only find in the cities on the coast or in southern Sweden. It can be for example; screen printing, photography & film, textile art, graphics, crafts, etc.

Our long-term goal is to become a vibrant and meaningful activity for our children / young people who live here. Children are our future and therefore our activities aim to give children and young people opportunities to find their own creative activities.

For us, it feels important to offer a safe and inspiring place where our target group should be able to develop themselves and collaborate with others, through art & culture.

EMMA’s operations will of course also visit other villages and Vilhelmina urban area, but our base will be in Saxnäs.

Through research, we see that art and cultural activities are an important health factor in the work to counteract mental illness. At EMMAS, we want to contribute to more people having the opportunity to feel good. That is why we are proud to be able to offer art education here in Saxnäs, for all our children and young people throughout our vast municipality!

The inauguration is scheduled for Thursday 2 June and Friday 3 June.

Here is the program for Friday. Some things are meant to be done outdoors if the weather allows, so it can be nice to bring something to rest your butt on, for example a sleeping pad or something. • Welcome and we dance the sun dance while we count down the days.

Invigning EMMAS tidschema

Invigning EMMAS tidschema

Thursday open at EMMAS

Thursday open at EMMAS

Every Thursday between 9.00-11.00 we are open at EMMAS for everyone.

Drop by our place to do some crafts and have coffee together for a while.

See you!

Waffles on EMMAS

Waffles on EMMAS

Every Wednesday at EMMAS for just about anyone who wants to.

Between the hours of 13.30 -15.00

Free and lactose-free

EMMAS is now open in the evening!

EMMAS is now open in the evening!

EMMAS open in the evening!

• From Wednesday this week, from 14-20, we are open for children and young people!

Come and hang out with us at EMMAS, listen to music, be creative in any field, chat with your friends or just be!

• This will be our first evening open day and until further notice these times will continue every Wednesday until further notice.

• If you have any questions or concerns about EMMAS, send an email to:


• See you on Wednesday!

Proudly presenting, Jonas Sjösted

Proudly presenting, Jonas Sjösted

Jonas has a two-year high school education.

At Ricklundgården in Saxnäs, Jonas has made the final changes to a crime novel that will be published in October. There has also been time to think out characters and plots in Jonas’s next book, which he will write this winter.

“- Maybe some part of that story will take place in this area.”

• “- It has been fantastic to be here, such a nice place! The mountain environment, the calm and the nature provide peace of mind and fanatical conditions for creation.”

• We thank Jonas for the visit and wish him the best of luck with the new book!

Hey, hey!

Hey, hey!

Now there are quieter times in our valley and so also with visitors traveling through.

The last day with drop-in in the museum for this summer is tomorrow THURSDAY (12-3pm), with reserved for guided tours in the morning 10-11.30 if you like to book a tour send a email to: visnings.ricklundgarden@gmail.com ~ but of course we accept requests for guided tours throughout the year as well!

• We thank you for this season and can happily state that it has been a very nice one with interested and happy visitors from near and far! ♥️

• For bookings or inquiries of other kinds, send an email to:


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