EMMAS Art Pedagogical Workshop is now opening in Saxnäs

19 May, 2022

EMMAS Art Pedagogical Workshop is now opening in Saxnäs☀️

You are most welcome to participate in our festivities!

You may be wondering why F.d. Rävlyan has now changed its name to EMMAS, and what happens here? EMMAS has of course taken its name from our fantastic artist Emma Ricklund.

EMMA’s workshop is mainly for children and young people in Vilhelmina municipality, but also adults and pensioners will be offered activities.

During the day when we are at work, anyone is welcome to look in, we will just be happy about that!

We want to create more opportunities for our residents to meet and work with different art forms, but also offer art and cultural activities that we normally only find in the cities on the coast or in southern Sweden. It can be for example; screen printing, photography & film, textile art, graphics, crafts, etc.

Our long-term goal is to become a vibrant and meaningful activity for our children / young people who live here. Children are our future and therefore our activities aim to give children and young people opportunities to find their own creative activities.

For us, it feels important to offer a safe and inspiring place where our target group should be able to develop themselves and collaborate with others, through art & culture.

EMMA’s operations will of course also visit other villages and Vilhelmina urban area, but our base will be in Saxnäs.

Through research, we see that art and cultural activities are an important health factor in the work to counteract mental illness. At EMMAS, we want to contribute to more people having the opportunity to feel good. That is why we are proud to be able to offer art education here in Saxnäs, for all our children and young people throughout our vast municipality!

The inauguration is scheduled for Thursday 2 June and Friday 3 June.

Here is the program for Friday. Some things are meant to be done outdoors if the weather allows, so it can be nice to bring something to rest your butt on, for example a sleeping pad or something. • Welcome and we dance the sun dance while we count down the days.

Invigning EMMAS tidschema

Invigning EMMAS tidschema

Art in Halland residence grantee Tove Möller

Art in Halland residence grantee Tove Möller

In March 2023, Art in Halland invited visual artists with connections to Halland to apply for a residency grant to Ricklundgården in Saxnäs, (September 15-28). Based on the applications received, the jury has decided that the scholarship will be awarded to Tove Möller.

Tove Möller (b. 1986) grew up in Laholm and today lives and works in Stockholm. Tove is educated at Gerlesborgsskolan in Stockholm and Kungl. Stockholm Academy of Arts.

At the same time that Tove Möller goes to Ricklundgården in Saxnäs, the artist Helena Wikström, based in Västerbotten, comes to Halland with Halmstad as her base. Host for the stay is Halland’s Art Museum and Art in Halland.

In parallel, an educational project is also underway between school classes in Halmstad, Laholm and Saxnäs.

You can read more information about this residency scholarship and our art education project here on our website shortly.

Play in a band

Play in a band

Are you retired or have time to spare? Do you feel like trying to play or sing in a band but perhaps haven’t learned to play an instrument? Or maybe you once played but forgot most of it. In that case, there is now the chance to come to EMMAS without any prior knowledge and together with me Kristoffer, who is a trained music teacher, try playing together, completely unconditional. Have fun together!

The instruments available are drums, guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, piano, keyboard, ukulele and microphones for vocals. (If you own another instrument, you can of course bring it with you)).

The time is Thursdays at 10.30-11.30 after coffee.

There are a limited number of places and instruments, so register your interest before 11/9 with your name and instrument preference to: emmaskristoffer@gmail.com

Write “Band testing” in the subject column!




It´s time to start our OPEN THURSDAYs again, we offer brunch and we’ll start a bit calmly with a music quiz!

Come join us! Bring a friend or an acquaintance who hasn’t been here before, maybe you know someone who needs context or wants more community?

Start: at 09.30

Location: EMMAS

Warm welcome!

Okay dear friends, you know…Rome was not built in a day

Okay dear friends, you know…Rome was not built in a day

On our meadow slope, it wasn’t beautiful either when we stopped mowing it with lawnmowers the first (or second) summer. Nah. It wasn’t pretty. Initially. But! Now, now!! Now it is as beautiful as a beaten flower meadow can be! First it gave us a lot of joy there in June; bubbling life and buzzing and humming. With the help of the Nature Conservation Association, we learned about new species and we learned how the raccoon’s good nature is recovering. Then it was beautiful with daisies and flowers throughout July, so beautiful.

Now the grass is cut in the old-fashioned way with a scythe and hemmed according to all the rules of the art.

We will continue with this method and we are SO proud that we decided (despite two summers of less than perfect slope) to return to the only right thing in this otherwise culturally historic environment.

Thank you Nils for wanting to work with us and help us help nature on the trot! For us, it’s no secret that you’re a rock, but for those who read this and don’t know or know you, it doesn’t hurt to mention!

Hej! Vad vill du göra?

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