Stricter guidelines

25 November, 2020

Stricter guidelines for you in Västerbotten

Due to this, we are closing our museum for the time being, which also means that we will not accept booked tours.Hold out everyone! 🙏🏼♥️


Stricter guidelines for you in Västerbotten

From 10 November until 13 December, everyone in Västerbotten County is urged to:

  • If possible, physical contact with people other than those with whom you live should be avoided. This means, among other things, advice against arranging or taking part in parties or similar social gatherings.
  • You should also avoid certain types of activities if they are impossible to carry out with physically distancing yourself from other people, such as contact sports, healthcare or beauty treatments that are not for medical reasons.
  • Refrain from visits to indoor environments such as shops, shopping centres, museums, libraries, swimming pools and gyms. Necessary visits to grocery stores and pharmacies are allowed.
  • Refrain from participating in gatherings such as meetings, concerts, performances, sports training, matches and competitions. However, this does not apply to sports training for children and young people born in 2005 or later.
  • Refrain from making unnecessary trips. Trips within or between regions can contribute to increasing the spread of infection because you often meet new people, which results in the start of new chains of infection. One should therefore refrain from such travel insofar as possible. This advice is not intended to prevent people from, for example, going to work, studies/employment or care that requires you to be on site.

Necessary close contact is allowed, for example during healthcare visits and medical examinations.

The decision also includes stricter general recommendations for workplaces and businesses – such as shops, shopping centres and sports facilities.

  • All businesses should take steps to ensure that each and every one can follow the general recommendations. Employers should take measures such as encouraging personnel to work from home, offering more opportunities for remote work and postponing business travel, conferences and other physical meetings.

Other businesses can minimise the number of visitors present on their premises at the same time, adapt opening hours or offer digital alternatives.

Special restrictions

As of 24 November 2020, a maximum of 8 persons is allowed at public gatherings and events. This also applies to seated audiences. This restriction is applicable until further notice. An exception is made for funerals, where a maximum of 20 persons is allowed

Our last waffle Thursdays this winter

Our last waffle Thursdays this winter

Now tomorrow we will “finish” our waffle Thursdays, for this winter, with a thunderous quiz. A quiz where the questions are partly based on history and the name Brita/Birgitta recurs.

Not only that, at 10 am we will be visited by some students from the school here in Saxnäs who will show a film they have made!

Of course, the waffle iron heats up and the coffee pot is charged.

This also means that we are now taking a break even with the creative workshop which is after school hours. So tomorrow, Thursday March 30, will also be the last Thursday open for children.

Application for residential accommodation opens today!

Application for residential accommodation opens today!

• Then it was time to plan for new residency stays. This time, you can apply from 1 October 2023 to 30 September 2024, MARK your application with: Residence 23/24.

• Before you fill in the application form, please read our regulations carefully which can be found under “ART IN RESIDENCE” < APPLICATION. The application is sent digitally as a PDF, BEFORE March 31, 2023 to our email: Answers to all artists will be sent out during the latter part of May. • Final decision is made in communication with artist and business (in good time) before expected arrival. • A warm welcome with your application!

Fantastic theater at EMMAS

Fantastic theater at EMMAS

Last week’s highlight was this fantastic theater that was with us in Saxnäs at EMMAS.

~ Strongest hearts have the most scars ~ The story of a woman from a roadless country who walked her own path instead of getting lost in the footsteps of others. Produced by Musikteatern and with a fantastic artistic team consisting of Harleen Kalkat and Magnus Karlsson.

We pushed the boundaries of what can be considered “comfortable seating” for everyone and anyone who made up the audience, and as we say in Sweden but if there is room for the heart, there is room for the bottom and it does when we arrange something! ♥️ These words may become Ricklundgården and EMMA’s “contribution” to Valentine’s Day. With hope for a more inclusive, accepting and inviting world!

This theater was a collaboration with Riksteatern in Vilhelmina!

Book release at Scalateatern

Book release at Scalateatern

On February 1, Ricklundgården was invited to Stockholm and @matsthepoet book release at Scalateatern. The title is ~Härlig er Jorden~ which was about how a writing process can go and about how the mountains and landscapes have changed just over a few decades.

Included in the book are several people from Kultsjödalen,@ellakariskum, @anderswesslanwestlin and his mother Gunilla Westlin and Göran Eriksson.

This evening I (Tina) was a “stand-in” for @hedewa, who also frequently appears with many stories in the book.

A nice evening and full of honor that we were three friends from Kultsjödalen who got the chance and the opportunity to talk about our home region which is so nicely described in Mat’s book.

Save the date, Tuesday, December 20!

Save the date, Tuesday, December 20!

Then it’s Open House at Ricklundgården at 16-20.

@mattias_andersson_art will invite you to Folke’s studio, mulled wine and other goodies will be available for a cheap penny (swish only) and during the evening you can participate in a quiz where we will draw a very nice prize to the person with the most right answers.

• More information about this will be available shortly both here on the website, Instagram, Facebook and of course on the notice board in the village.

• All warmly welcome! 🕯

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