Waffles on EMMAS

20 September, 2022



Every Wednesday at EMMAS for just about anyone who wants to.

Between the hours of 13.30 -15.00

Free and lactose-free




On site with us here in the Annex to work artistically!
Is there interest in an art workshop at the beginning or middle of next week? Get in touch with us right away and we’ll see if we can gather enough people who want to participate, so that we can run a creative raid.
For the curious, Elme has said that she is with us in the morning at EMMAS this Thursday, so a warm welcome from 09.30 for social connection!



As it says in “Vilhelmina Aktuellt” that EMMAS is open 10-16 and Ricklundgården is open 16-18 is wrong!

Our big contribution this Christmas market weekend is EMMAS/Ricklundgården’s party which is on Friday 24/11 at Saxnäsgården starting at 18.00. There will be musical performances by the children who participated in EMMA’s music education, good food and togetherness, and later in the evening there will be live music with Lena & Daniel. The party welcomes everyone, young and old!

By the way, remember to make reservation for the taco buffet no later than Wednesday at 072-5342265 or info@saxnas.se

In addition to that, it is open at EMMAS on Saturday between 11-14. With us you can buy hot chocolate, eat Skumtomtar and take part in a rhyming competition where you can win a small ball of toilet paper. And of course it’s fine to visit us or just come in to warm up without buying anything or participating in the competition.

So on the actual Christmas market day on Saturday, the following applies;

EMMAS open at 11-14

Ricklundgården closed

Ricklundgården will be open one evening later in December, but more information about that will come as we get closer to the actual date.

EMMAS are having a party

EMMAS are having a party

Now is a good time to celebrate that there is such a nice “vibe” for the culture here in our municipality and that positive things are happening for our children and young people!

We want to share our joy with you and hereby invite you to attend our party here in Saxnäs at Saxnäsgården, Friday November 24!

The evening’s program in general:

At 18.00 – Musical performance by children who participated in EMMA’s music education, in the Foyer.
approx. 18.30 – We sit down at the restaurant
approx. 19-20 – Some people give speeches
21.00 – Musical entertainment with Lena & Daniel, possibility of dancing & partying all evening long.

It is served:
Taco night + dessert
Adult SEK 195
Children SEK 95

Contact Saxnäsgården for booking no later than Wednesday 22 November.
0940-37700 or info@saxnas.se

Thursday during the fall break

Thursday during the fall break

Last Thursday during the fall break, we went to Twin Peaks as a team. The building you see on the right side of Kultsjön’s shoreline when you drive into Saxnäs from Vilhelmina.

The youngest participant was seven years old and the oldest was a little over 80.

We thank Lenita and Ulrika for a nice initiative and for a warm philosophical conversation about nature.

Thanks also to Andreas Andersson for the loan of a very special place. Everyone really appreciated being there!

Community, to be together – nice in all its simplicity!

Art and Culture are here to stay!

Art and Culture are here to stay!

We found out yesterday.

Today the rest of the world gets to know!

Art and Culture are here to stay!

From @arvsfonden press release this morning:

“Emma Ricklund’s foundation receives support of roughly 3.1 million from the Heritage Fund for the project “KRAM”

“KRAM (Creativity, Relationships, Everyone’s equal value, Courage to be yourself)” will develop a new cultural-pedagogical working method where children’s and young people’s needs, reflection, wishes and the artistic process are at the center. The project will build three physical art education nodes in Saxnäs, Dikanäs and Vilhelmina and also create an outreach mobile activity based on the new way of working.

– For us, this is more than just a project, this gives our business weight and shows that it has been going on, and tireless work towards an absolutely necessary development is ongoing all the time. Everyone has the right to experience and explore their creation and I am proud to the core that this project lands here in Vilhelmina’s mountain world, says Tina Larsson, director of operations at Ricklundgården.

The project will also give the target group insights into art and culture and its symbiosis with emotional life, and through cultural creation contribute to a more vibrant sparsely populated area in inland and mountain municipalities where the Sami and Swedish cultures live side by side

In order to create a sustainable structure for the method and make the activity accessible to the target group, a collaboration must be developed with the school, the recreation center, student health, the library, associations and with artists who visit Ricklundgården.

– I want to thank all our partners in advance, with whom we will have the pleasure of working together. There are many of us who are passionate about the culture growing stronger and living on, says Tina Larsson.

Emma Ricklund was a visual and textile artist active in the mountain village of Saxnäs. Emma Ricklund’s foundation aims to manage her legacy and promote artistic and other cultural activities by allowing artists to live and work at Ricklundgården in Saxnäs.”

Hej! Vad vill du göra?

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