1 December, 2020

Tina Larsson

It is a small step for humanity perhaps, people have been building websites for many years now but this launch is for us a BIG event.

With this new foundation to stand on, we can now reach out with information and current events in a good way. The website is also available in two languages, English and Swedish.

In combination with the website now being completed, we will also start using, and proudly display our new graphic profile.

December 1, 2020 will be a starting point and a mark for the restructuring we have carried out at Ricklundgården this the past year, at the same time is it the starting point of something new!

There are nice people to thank for this work now being done, first and foremost Malin. Malin has worked as a project employee since August and she has been the “fitter” for the website. Throughout the autumn, she has put a solid amount of work into getting this done. Thank you Malin, you have done a fantastic job !!

Jessica who works at the Näringslivskontoret in Vilhelmina, with Digitala Steget has been a companion throughout the trip and Kristopher from Jo Kommunikation. Thank you!

Jennifer and Moa at Ateljé Grotesk are the brains behind our new graphic profile that we are so happy with! It really reflects the feeling and atmosphere about Ricklundgården that we want to convey. Thank you, you have been awesome girls!

Thanks to Magnus for fantastic pictures, thanks to Sara Idenfors for a little emergency help, thanks also to everyone who in one way or another supported, peppered, encouraged and face to face or digitally offered a smile and friendly words.

I also want to say a BIG thank you to all the fantastic artists I have had the privilege of meeting and been in contact with, without you we are just a very beautiful house in a very beautiful place.

With faith in the future and love /
Tina Larsson, chairman of the Emma Ricklund Foundation

The application for residence opens on 1 March

The application for residence opens on 1 March

Then it was time to plan for new residencies. This round, you apply from 1 September 2021 to 31 August 2022. MARK your application with: Residence 21/22. Before you fill in the application form, carefully read our regulations which are available on our website under “ART IN RESIDENCE”

Proudly presents Ann-Kristin Källström

Proudly presents Ann-Kristin Källström

Ann-Kristin Källström, now living outside Kramfors with a graphic workshop in Härnösand. Educated at an art school in Stockholm, Riddarfjärdsskolan, and trained in photography and photojournalism. Ann-Kristin works with graphics and is very photo-based.

Stricter guidelines

Stricter guidelines

Due to this, we are closing our museum for the time being, which also means that we will not accept booked tours.

Hold out everyone!


Stricter guidelines for you in Västerbotten

Hilda Lindström a graphic artis

Hilda Lindström a graphic artis

Proudly presents Hilda Lindström, artist and graphic artist from Falun. Hilda has studied free art for 6 years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Poland. In addition, she has studied sound interaction and photographic history at Konstfack.

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