Art and Culture are here to stay!

26 October, 2023

Konsten och Kulturen är här för att stanna!

We found out yesterday.

Today the rest of the world gets to know!

Art and Culture are here to stay!

From @arvsfonden press release this morning:

“Emma Ricklund’s foundation receives support of roughly 3.1 million from the Heritage Fund for the project “KRAM”

“KRAM (Creativity, Relationships, Everyone’s equal value, Courage to be yourself)” will develop a new cultural-pedagogical working method where children’s and young people’s needs, reflection, wishes and the artistic process are at the center. The project will build three physical art education nodes in Saxnäs, Dikanäs and Vilhelmina and also create an outreach mobile activity based on the new way of working.

– For us, this is more than just a project, this gives our business weight and shows that it has been going on, and tireless work towards an absolutely necessary development is ongoing all the time. Everyone has the right to experience and explore their creation and I am proud to the core that this project lands here in Vilhelmina’s mountain world, says Tina Larsson, director of operations at Ricklundgården.

The project will also give the target group insights into art and culture and its symbiosis with emotional life, and through cultural creation contribute to a more vibrant sparsely populated area in inland and mountain municipalities where the Sami and Swedish cultures live side by side

In order to create a sustainable structure for the method and make the activity accessible to the target group, a collaboration must be developed with the school, the recreation center, student health, the library, associations and with artists who visit Ricklundgården.

– I want to thank all our partners in advance, with whom we will have the pleasure of working together. There are many of us who are passionate about the culture growing stronger and living on, says Tina Larsson.

Emma Ricklund was a visual and textile artist active in the mountain village of Saxnäs. Emma Ricklund’s foundation aims to manage her legacy and promote artistic and other cultural activities by allowing artists to live and work at Ricklundgården in Saxnäs.”

Summer in the museum

Summer in the museum

Open Wednesdays – Saturdays at 10-15.
Wednesdays – guided tours only
Thursdays – Saturdays: guided tours at 10-11.30 and then drop in until 3 p.m.

To book entry and viewing with a guide, send us an email 24 hours in advance to:

ATTENTION! For all information regarding the museum this summer, use the email address mentioned above! This is so that nothing is missed during the holidays.

We at Ricklundgården & EMMAS in Saxnäs are extra happy today

We at Ricklundgården & EMMAS in Saxnäs are extra happy today

Together with 19 cultural schools in Västerbotten and Norrbotten, we have received over SEK 14 million to develop new forms of collaboration over a three-year period.

The project goals are about developing working methods, structures and models for inter-municipal employment and inter-regional solutions, regardless of geographical distance, as well as testing the necessary technology for this.

The overall aim of the project is to obtain increased and more equal competence among the regions’ cultural schools, regardless of municipality size and demographics, as well as to develop and test different organizational structures to make available a wider labor market for cultural school staff in rural and sparsely populated areas.

In an extension, this may also have significance for other forms of collaboration and cooperation between the municipalities in northern Sweden.

Emma Ricklund’s foundation, which was the initiator and project seeker for our first big project that was financed by the Postal Code Foundation between 2022 and the end of February this year, could never have dreamed of what big rings on the water it would become.

We BELIEVED in our idea, we dared to bet but if someone had told us that two years later we would be working in yet another new project financed by the Heritage Fund (KRAM) and that we would also be one of the active activities in this large cross-regional EU project from the ESF Council and the regions, we would probably have fallen off the chair.

We are happy for everyone who wants to rejoice with us and rejoice for the cultural development that is now taking place in the mountain world, inland and throughout northern Sweden

Parts of the crew at Ricklundgården/EMMAS have now gone on vacation.

Parts of the crew at Ricklundgården/EMMAS have now gone on vacation.

The museum’s opening hours and information on how to book a guided tour this summer, as well as where to contact staff on site, can be found on our website;
During the summer we can only be reached via email, the phone also has some time off.

Between 17-20 June, you as a visitor can book a guided tour between 09.00-15.00. This should then be done no later than 24 hours before:

From week 26, our summer opening hours apply, which you can find on our website:

ATTENTION!! From week 26-34, we refer EVERYONE who has questions about the museum to our special “museum email”:
This is to reduce the risk of something ending up with someone who is on holiday or in some junk mail.

New for this summer is that on Tuesday 9 & 16 July there will be a waffle café at EMMAS between 10.00-14.00.
EMMAS is located in the middle of Saxnäs, on the other side of the road opposite the store. Feel free to stop by and you’re welcome!

With that, we wish everyone a really nice summer!
Big hug from Tina, Malin, Christer & Kristoffer

A day in the sign of replanting.

A day in the sign of replanting.

The museum opens with its summer hours Wednesday 26/6 at 10.00. Wednesdays during the summer are subject to booked viewings and bookings are made to: no later than 24 hours before.

Selectable times these Wednesdays are; 10-11.30 a.m., 12.00-1.30 p.m. and 1.30-3.00 p.m.

Booked viewings beyond the summer are most easily done to:

Skatejam, live music, homemade oven-baked pancakes with jam & pork!

Skatejam, live music, homemade oven-baked pancakes with jam & pork!

As a great start to the summer holidays, we are now running a Skatejam, live music, homemade oven-baked pancakes with jam & pork!

Where: The mini ramp in Klimpfjäll
When: Wednesday 12/6
From: 17.30

Anyone who wants is welcome, from our valley but also interested from the entire municipality!

The event is super free, but edibles cost a small penny. Swish only!

ATTENTION!! Bring your own lunch box, cup and fork!

Thanks to KAK for the loan of the ramp, etc. and BIG THANKS to @arvsfonden for making it possible for us to create meaningful leisure time and fantastic culture

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