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15 May, 2022

Patrica, Ilar, Anna-Karin

Proudly presents Patricia Roda’s from Tölby, 15 km south of Vaasa Finland, Ilar Gunilla Persson, now living in Bagarmossen outside Stockholm (but originally from Dalarna) and Anna-Karin Jansson who lives in Stockholm, Bagarmossen.

Patricia has a bachelor’s degree in photography and has worked as a photo artist and photographer for almost 20 years.

In my photographic art, I try to highlight societal issues in a conceptual way. For several years I have worked with the theme of violence in relationships and the healing process. I really believe that the private is political. I work analog, ie take pictures on film with a 4 × 5 inch camera. ”

– The stay at Ricklundgården was magical. The proximity to the magnificent nature and the daily sight of the mountain peaks opened up the vein of creativity in me. Grateful!”

Ilar Gunilla has a bachelor’s degree in photography from a university in Finland. Also has a polytechnic degree in Pre-press information production from the University of Gothenburg.

My art could be described, abstract images, thundering landscapes with installations, political social art mixed with Nordic mysticism. I work with things close to me to touch, question and hopefully influence. ”

When asked what the experience at Ricklundgården was like, Ilar Gunilla answers:

“- Fantastic! what an experience – a combination of art and skiing. That Patricia and I had the opportunity to continue working on our Nordess project was superb. ”

Anna-Karin has a paid job as a nurse, most recently in palliative care. For a period she devoted all her time to developing painting at Gerlesborgsskolan and later she started working at night to continue painting.

“- I work with charcoal, pastel and acrylic. Above all, coal is important in my creation. Much of what I do has a connection to the underworld, the root nests and headstrong nature. ”

“People’s studio gave me peace of mind and a space I longed for and the view is enchanting. Almost so that you have to be on your guard so as not to get completely lost in the ever-changing magnificent mountain view. ”

Thursday open at EMMAS

Thursday open at EMMAS

Every Thursday between 9.00-11.00 we are open at EMMAS for everyone.

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Waffles on EMMAS

Waffles on EMMAS

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EMMAS is now open in the evening!

EMMAS is now open in the evening!

EMMAS open in the evening!

• From Wednesday this week, from 14-20, we are open for children and young people!

Come and hang out with us at EMMAS, listen to music, be creative in any field, chat with your friends or just be!

• This will be our first evening open day and until further notice these times will continue every Wednesday until further notice.

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Proudly presenting, Jonas Sjösted

Proudly presenting, Jonas Sjösted

Jonas has a two-year high school education.

At Ricklundgården in Saxnäs, Jonas has made the final changes to a crime novel that will be published in October. There has also been time to think out characters and plots in Jonas’s next book, which he will write this winter.

“- Maybe some part of that story will take place in this area.”

• “- It has been fantastic to be here, such a nice place! The mountain environment, the calm and the nature provide peace of mind and fanatical conditions for creation.”

• We thank Jonas for the visit and wish him the best of luck with the new book!

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Hey, hey!

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