Proudly presents the artist Lotta Enbrand

15 September, 2021

Lotta Enbrant

Proudly presents, the artist Lotta Enbrand, 49 years old living in Uppsala. She spent 2 years at Kyrkerud community high school, 1 year at Uppsala art school for Stina Wollter, after that 2 years at photo technical education and 1 year Speos photography school in Paris.

After Speos in Paris, Lotta opened her own photo studio while painting and decorating her room with art.

In 2013, Lotta published her first book. “Far from Home”. A relationship novel that is about daring to choose in life.

Lotta is currently on leave from her job as a set designer / costume designer at Gottsunda Dans & Teater because she wants to get started with her own artistry again. Now she is studying at Hjo Folkhögskola, an artistic projector where she paints.

– Ricklundgården has been absolutely fantastic, I take with me the experience of nature, the studio in the annex and several things in the museum that I really liked. Maybe it will be a similar floor as the one in the entrance in my future home. ”

Summer & Vacation Times!

Summer & Vacation Times!

This does not mean that it is holiday quiet in our studios or in the museum, but it does mean that fantastic Rebecka is guideing! She is a ray of sunshine and a fantastic narrator.

To book guided tours or get in touch with the museum this summer, send an Email to:

Proudly presents Anna Höggren

Proudly presents Anna Höggren

Anna has studied glassblowing in Orrefors and has an artistic education R.Steiner seminar in Järna and studies information science in Örebro.

The inauguration of EMMAS part 3

The inauguration of EMMAS part 3

Cut ribbons, drink coffee and eat cake and make your own cloth bags. Try to be a little creative, gather, talk, eat and be at a party!

Thanks to everyone who participated, thanks to Nina who cut the ribbon and represented Region Västerbotten. Many thanks to Malin, Hilda and Christer (one heart was to you)!

The inauguration of EMMAS part 2

The inauguration of EMMAS part 2

Balloons to blow!

Show and use their self-designed t-shirts (notice the pride and joy in the girls’ eyes).

Cakes to be eaten and of course there should be time and space for hugs.

Hej! Vad vill du göra?

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