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A art residence and studio open year around.

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The Annex studio

A art residence and studio open year around.

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There was a great interest among artists to be in the mountains when Ricklundgården was built. The rumor about Emma’s inn and that the artist Folke was in Saxnäs spread quickly. Soon the small mountain village became a popular destination among artist.

The couple divorced in the early 50’s. After some disputes, Emma finally bought out her ex-husband and kept the villa herself. For the rest of her life she ran Ricklundgården on her own. Supporting artists became a life task for her and many artists came to work in her studio.

In her will she wanted artists to work in the studio even after her death. When a foundation in her name was formed in 1971, her will was fulfilled and the guest studio became a reality.
Ricklundgården is today an international residence with visiting artists from all over the world.

There are currently two separate studios with associated bedrooms and kitchens.

All artists regardless of discipline are welcome to apply.

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