Art and textiles

Art and textiles

Ricklundgården is an artist home filled from wall to nook with art of varying form and quality. As you walk around the museum, you will find that some names are more representative than others. Needless to say, Ricklundgården had its regulars. One of them, Kalle Hedberg, became a close friend of Emma and Folke and spent a lot of time in Saxnäs. Many of his works adorn the walls inside the museum, including two portraits of the couple themself. Emma is depicted with a soft and loving expression, where the flowers in the foreground refer to her love for the garden. The portrait of Folke has a harsh expression that harmonizes with the outdoor man he was and the wild nature he loved and lived in. Kalle Hedberg was a skilled portrait painter, of which these paintings are a fine example.

Olle Carlström was also a devoted guest on Ricklundgården. With an abstract design language, his painting “Pagan nature” summarizes the forces that can control this landscape. “Marsfjället” a painting by Helmer Osslunds shows a more docile side of this nature.

Another well-known artists is Asger Jorn, a member of the Cobra group who has left behind several paintings, including the painting “Two Figures”. Down in the salon hangs a painting were Lennart Rodhe’s with a steady eye has created a versatile room image in his “Forest hill by the sea”.

Gnarled mountain birches

Of course, the walls are also decorated with works by Folke and Emma. Gnarled mountain birches and rickety undergrowth are often the main features of Folke Ricklund’s paintings. Which “Lapland spring” with its crisp greenery and sparkling water is a corroboration of. Painting was not initially Emma’s area, but she was inspired by all the artists who visited them. She has left behind an extensive production that was unknown to most people. Her “Tree in a Storm” testifies to a gifted painter who lived in the shadows.

If you tear your eyes away from the hundreds of paintings that fill the walls inside the museum for a while. Instead, look at everything that makes Ricklundgården a warm, cozy home, namely the textiles. Emma was a versatile creator and artist. Her creative joy took shape and form in many ways and she had a big passion for thread, yarn and rags. Hand-woven rugs, pillows and hanging tapestry are everywhere. In that area, Emma was in many ways “ahead of her time”. She had a hard time sticking to the traditional weaving. Instead her work at the loom usually blossomed out into a free creation. Which can be seen in her interior details that must have been classified as very daring in the 40’s.

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