Folkes studio

Folkes studio

In the late 1930s, Folke himself built his studio out of hand-made bricks on a hill in Saxnäs. It was probably the incredible view of Kultsjön and the Marsfjäll massif in the background that made him choose this particular spot. When the couple Ricklund about 10 years later wanted to build their own villa, the studio became the obvious starting point and it was built into the current Ricklundgården.

The floor area in the studio is 50 square meters with a ceiling height of 5 meters. From the studio, a small staircase leads up to an indoor balcony with space for a drawing table and some chairs and panoramic windows with a view over the lake and mountains.

There are hanging options on the walls inside the studio if you want to display your art. In the studio there is also an easel, a couple of ordinary tables and a tall standing table.

In the residence there is a living area with TV and broadband. Two bedrooms with 3 beds in total. Fully equipped kitchen. Shower and washing machine in the basement.

Here, artists can apply for residency all year round and there is the opportunity for “Open House” or other activities to present your art. Such as cultural evenings, lectures and exhibitions.

Duration of residencies in the studio are divided into periods of 27 days, from the 1st to the 27th of every month.

The cost is 5,500 SEK

If you want to apply for a residency at Ricklundgården, fill in an application and send it back to us at together with you CV and personal letter. For more information on how to apply visit Applications.


You will find the application form here.

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